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About Johnson County E-911

Johnson County Emergency 911, also referred to as JoCo E-911, has been in consistent operation for decades, but has only become it's own independent agency in the last five years. Prior to December 2005, Johnson County Central Dispatch was under the direction of the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency and then the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.

In December 2005, Dispatch moved out from underneath the Sheriff's Department to become it's own county agency under the direction of the Johnson County Commissioners and was funded solely by user fees charged to the many agencies that dispatching services were provided for, as well as a tax for 911 that was placed on land-line based telephones. This funding model lasted for several years until 2008 when a movement began to pass what has now become the 1/4 of 1% sales tax that replaced the user fees and the telephone tax and is now the sole source of funding for the agency.

This sales tax, while small, has allowed the agency to offer better services to the public by providing extensive training for the Communications Officers as well as implement, among other services, an Emergency Medical Dispatch Protocol which allows for dispatchers to be trained to provide over-the-phone instructions on anything from basic First Aid, to CPR, to Child Birth. Some other of the myriad of services we are now able to provide include GPS tracking of cellular telephones, satellite imaging and public outreach education programs.

We are now in the process of implementing an entirely new 911 and radio interface to replace antiquated equipment that, once operational will allow us to back up to and communicate with other public safety agencies in the region. This capability will allow for much better security of private information as well as insure that the citizens of Johnson County are never denied the emergency services they deserve in the event of a large scale disaster.

Johnson County Central Dispatch has risen from a simple radio communications center to one of the best and most reliable Dispatch agencies.

Johnson County Demographics

Johnson County Central Dispatch is the primary Public Safety Answering Point for the over 50,000 residents spread out over 833 square miles of Johnson County, Missouri. Our county is located approximately 45 minutes travel time from Kansas City, Missouri and while not yet an official part of the city metro, is currently experiencing a population explosion as an increasing number of commuters move from the city into the beauty of the suburbs.

The county contains 6 major highways; US 50 hwy, MO Rte 2, MO Route 13, MO Rte 23, MO Rte 58 and MO Rte 131. Johnson County is home to 7 Municipalities; Centerview, Chilhowee, Holden, Kingsville, Knob Noster, Leeton and the county seat, Warrensburg.

Johnson County shares a border with five other counties; Jackson County and Cass County to the west, Lafayette County to the north, Pettis County to the east and Henry County to the south.

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